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RESA is respected in the market place for its innovative approach and believes that this sets us apart from other industry players. RESA utilizes its experience and various disciplines to devise creative solutions to achieve financial viability for novel technologies. This is evidenced by the number of successful first of kind technologies and projects that the principals have taken from inception to bankability to commissioning, namely hydrogen and solar. RESA is continuing with its innovative approach in terms of developing new solar demand outside the government sponsored programme but within the current framework governing the industry.

The core of our current activities is the renewable energy market and specifically the solar market.  However, given the expertise and the cross benefits of wind and solar, RESA has also commenced its activities in the wind sector in which it has participated in the development and the financing of such projects.  

Besides the renewable energy space RESA takes pride in its activities in the conventional energy space. In 2014 RESA completed the modelling, structuring and the financing of the first LNG / gas power plant with a total financing requirement of US$ 600m on the western coast of Africa, in Namibia.


Further to that RESA has substantial experience in the environmental rehabilitation space.  One of the key problems in developing markets is the industrial pollution of properties and water streams.  RESA has tacquired the relevant expertise to undertake remediation projects with a primary focus on the sub-Saharan area of the continent.


Members of RESA have been involved in, and achieved, several significant industry firsts:

  • First commercial Solar Power Plant in South Africa.

  • First CPV plant in Africa.

  • First Bond issue for renewable energy in South Africa and Africa.

  • First Hydrogen Fuel Cell programme in South Africa.

  • Founding members of the South African Photovoltaic Association (SAPVIA).

  • Special advisor to the South African government.

  • Debt structuring of the largest gas project in Southern Africa.

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